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Wrap the meat in freezer paper, freezer bags or aluminum foil.

Stok kodu: 654655612121


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Wrap the meat in freezer paper, freezer bags or aluminum foil. Seal the packaging well to keep air out and moisture in the package. Freezer containers can also be used for ground beef, stew beef or other meats frozen in small portions.

What’s the health benefits of Chuck Steak?

  • Provides a Large Source of L-Carnitine
  • Provides the “Master Antioxidant” Glutathione
  • High in Protein and Helps Improve Muscle Mass
  • Extremely Rich in Minerals
  • Helps Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Contains Carnosine, a Potent Amino Acid
  • Full of Vitamins

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  1. Amanda Wilson

    Indulging in a perfectly cooked prime steak is a journey of carnivorous delight. The intricate marbling promises tenderness, while the seasoned sear offers a burst of savory umami. Each bite is a balance of flavors and textures, making prime steak a timeless pleasure for steak enthusiasts. It’s a true culinary marvel.

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